Laminates are a popular choice for many types of surfaces in homes and businesses. They are a great way to protect surfaces from damage and give them a stylish upgrade. Laminates are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, so it’s easy to find something that fits your personal style.

ASIS is a leading laminates manufacturer in Mumbai, India developing high-pressure laminates that are innovative, reliable and high in performance. These laminates are primarily used for surface-finishing and wall-paneling and can easily be used as an aesthetic & trusted solution to your home interiors, exteriors, floors, walls and can even be used for furniture. ASIS India is one of the best laminate companies in India because they produce a wide range of sustainable laminates at minimal laminate prices. The range includes- Decorative Laminates, Post-forming Laminates, Compact Laminates, Fire Retardent Laminates, Marker Grade Laminate & Cladding Exterior Grade Laminate.

ASIS Decorative Laminates

ASIS India is a leading Decorative Laminates manufacturer in India. Our laminates are made with cutting-edge technology and classy materials, which gives them a long lifespan, vibrant colors, and a glossy finish. ASIS Decorative Laminates are made by giving a hard base to lamination papers combined with melamine resins and thereby increasing life of the paper, in turn, it safeguards the color, lusture & brightness of the Paper. ASIS India’s Decorative laminates are known for its durability, appeal & bond.

Features of Decorative Laminates

  1. Antimicrobial & Anti-fungal surfaces
  2. Anti-Fingerprint surface
  3. Lower VOC emissions
  4. Stain resistant
  5. Abrasion resistant
  6. Greenguard certified

ASIS Post Forming Laminates

ASIS Post Forming Laminate guarantees that your designs are not limited to straight pointy edges. The core use of Post Forming Laminates is to be used on surfaces that require bending or curves for a smooth and edge-free look and appeal. These are largely used for counters, desktop, cabinets & drawer panels.

Features of Post Forming Laminates

  1. Abrasion Resistant
  2. Stain & Scratch resistant
  3. Easy to install
  4. Good Machinability
  5. Easy Maintenance
  6. Cost effective

ASIS Compact Laminates

The composition & development of a Compact laminate is for spaces that are completely different from any other. It is used in designing laboratories, partitions, paneling, workshops, modular restrooms & cubicles. Compact Laminates are largely used in labs for its capacity to withstand heat, chemical & other conditions that environments of laboratories may encounter. As one of the most trusted Compact Laminates manufacturers in India we produce compact laminates that are highly functional, durable and elegant.

Features of Compact Laminate

  1. Fire Resistance
  2. Scratch Resistance
  3. Stain Resistant
  4. Anti Viral & Anti Bacterial
  5. Greenguard Certified

ASIS Fire Retardant Laminates

Fire Retardant Laminate is an creative extension to your home interiors backed by delectable looks and safety. These laminates minimize smoke emission & delay the rise in temperature making it resistant to fire and other ill effects & hazards. When it comes to your homes ASIS Fire Retardant Laminates make a great choice for your kitchen spaces.

ASIS Marker Grade Laminates

ASIS Marker Grade Laminates are the best possible choice for markers at schools, Colleges, Banks, Railway Stations, Bus Stands, Restaurants, tuition classes, corporate spaces/office spaces & other relevant public spaces. The making of Marker Grade Laminate involves decorative papers that are suffused with melamine resins & synthetic polymer for easy cleaning of dry and wet erase marks.We recommend white board writing markers for excellent result.

Features of Marker Grade Laminates

  1. Stain Resistant
  2. Scratch Resistant write-on
  3. Moisture resistant
  4. Replacement for Blackboards
  5. Easy to install
  6. Good Machinability
  7. Cost effective

ASIS Cladding Exterior Grade Compact Laminates

Cladding Exterior Grade Compact Laminates are widely used for a functional & appealing surface material for building exteriors. One of the most economical ways to give your homes a look that is desirable and gives protection from termites, moisture, UV, Abrasion & weather conditions. These are also easy to maintain laminates that are scratch, heat, corrosion, & water-resistant and equipped with anti-graffiti properties. Its prime quality is to upscale & transform the overall look of your exteriors!

The available range of ASIS Laminates comprises

1mm Laminates | 0.8mm Laminates | Monocore | Specialty Laminates

Key Features

Extra Strength



Excellent Bonding

Greater Bonding

Long Durability

Highly Decorative

Applications of Laminates

ASIS Laminates are especially suited for Home Furniture items, Wall lining, Doors, Shelves, Table Top, Cubicles, Counters, Store fittings, Office partitions, Storage units, Wardrobes.

Laminate Applications

Home Furniture Items