Introducing top-quality calibrated plywood by ASIS- Leading Plywood Manufacturers in India with state-of-the-art facility at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. The Plywood we manufacture here at ASIS are made with selected top quality veneer and custom made Synthetic Thermosetting Resins. We are a plywood company in India with a plant equipped with automatic core composers, pre-press and auto-loading & unloading systems to supply quality products in continuity. All products of ASIS PLY are calibrated for uniform thickness and an excellent surface finish by passing through double-headed sanding machines.

The Plywood sheet supply at ASIS includes a multifaceted range to choose from for all your interior & exterior needs.The manufacturing of Plywood at ASIS involves thorough research & is incorporated with ingenious technologies & complies to all industry standards and guidelines. Whether it is the quality, design or size we ensure your needs are met to the fullest.

ASIS Power MR Grade Plywood

Superior-quality Power MR Grade plywood by ASIS conforms to IS 303 standards, this plywood is made with hardwood veneers and is bonded with Amino Resin for MR grade and calibrated for uniform thickness all over the Plywood. Over the years we have built trust as the top Power MR Grade Plywood Manufacturer by ensuring the production of high-performance plywood with high resistance to moisture, termites, and borer. MR Grade Plywood is suitable for all interior applications where durability and economy are of equal importance.

Key Features

BIS Mark

IS 710 Standard

High Structural Stability

Excellent Screw-holding Capacity

Boiling Water Resistance

ECO Mark


ASIS Super BWR Plywood

High-density, premium-grade structural Super BWR Plywood conforms to the BIS: IS 303 quality standard in BWR grades, Super BWR Plywood is manufactured using selected hardwood veneers and bonded with Phenol formaldehyde resin. It is calibrated for uniform thickness all over the Plywood that can handle heavier loads. It is CE-certified and emission-free as per the E1 standards. ASIS SUPER PLYWOOD comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features

High Density

Super Quality

Premium Grade

CE Certified


E1 Standard

E1 Standard

ASIS Speciality Plywood

ASIS Specialty Plywoods come with Precision, thickness, calibration and uniform & smooth surface finish. It is especially recommended for construction formwork systems. These Speciality Plywoords are Manufactured with Pre-Press and TI (Tissue Impregnation) technology, it gives excellent bonding, waterproofing, smoothness & high abrasion resistance.

Key Features

High Precision

Smooth Surface Finish

Excellent Bonding

Excellent Bonding


High Abrasion Resistance

ASIS LamiPly

ASIS Lamiply comes with machine pressed, preferred design of ASIS laminate of 0.8mm at top and bottom layer of Plywood at production plant itself. This application gives freedom to customers from manual pressing of laminate at site which saves time and money.

Key Features


Highly Decorative

Ready to Use

Ready to Use

Superior Quality

Applications of Plywood

ASIS Speciality Plywood is especially suited for stable areas like kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets.

Building Structures

General Engineering

Furniture Paneling

Rail coach furnishings

Rail Coach Furnishings

Chemical Plants

Cabins & Kitchens

Automobile Parts

Power Generation System

Asis Plywood Application