Mr. Rakesh Agarwal

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Agarwal

Managing Director

After a humble beginning as a Senior employee in the Ministry of Industry, Government of India on being selected through UPSC, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal resigned and started the journey of ASIS group in the year 1992. With leadership foresight and strategic management, Rakesh Agarwal has carved out an unprecedented growth path for ASIS group., He was responsible for taking bold decisions making ASIS to be featured amongst first in setting the trends which were followed by others. He has vast experience in understanding Legal, Import, Export, Customs, and Taxation related matters. Before commencing production he was also an Advisor to many leading corporate groups in India. Mr. Agarwal is also a Chairman of All India Panel Board Manufacturers Association. He is highly respected due to his leadership quality and dedicated approach. His humble and grounded nature makes him approachable by the peers as well as his employees in the organization. He is a man of Ethics and commitment.